Old hands, help me out here? (Ghost 4.x and #match)

I have a client still running Ghost 4.4. Yes, really. Yes, I’ve told them they should really upgrade, at least to the latest version of 4.x. But I get it… it’s easy to get stuck by dependency hell, and they’d have to upgrade node, too…

Anyway, that brings me to my problem. I wrote a bunch of code that uses the #match helper, which runs great on the later 4.x version I’m running on my dev box. I went to load it on their site, and no. No #match until 4.20. So, two questions:

  1. Is there a list somewhere of which helper was introduced when? I’ve now run into two separate spots where a helper that was available in later 4.x wasn’t yet available in 4.4. (And no custom fields yet, either!)

  2. Do any of you old hands have a hint for how to match a slug to a string, without #match? I’m on a tags page, trying to check if the tag is a specific value, so I’d like to {{#match tag.slug "=" "french-podcast"}} … but no.


Hey Cathy,

  1. If something like this exists I am not aware.
  2. I think you can use the {{#has}} helper, within the tag context:
{{#has slug="french-podcast"}}
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Thanks @brightthemes! I’ll try that.

Reporting back to say that the rewrite wasn’t all that bad! Special thanks to @brightthemes for the pointer. I’m apparently an over-user of #match, and was feeling locked up! :)

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