Optimizing unused JS?

Theme: Headline v1.0.0
URL: https://aargauerpolitik.ghost.io/

Note: Site in development. Turned off password protection for the purpose of this post, some analyzing and the like.

Hi there, does anyone have an idea if these issues are something I can influence/optimize if on Ghost(Pro)? And if so is that a good idea when looking towards future updates and the like?


I have this problem too. A couple of months ago something changed at Ghost Pro.

Google Search Console (and Pagespeed) decided that my site’s Mobile Page Experience is no longer up to scratch, but the Desktop Page Experience is.

Digging into the reports, it looks like this is down to changes in the JS Ghost loads but doesn’t use.

I found that when the new header cards went in, I had some pages deemed “not usable on mobile” by the Googlebot. Have you checked your mobile usability report, and what does it show? That might explain the sudden dropoff. The timing is about right…

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Thankfully my pages are usable on mobile. They just don’t deliver what Google regards as a good experience.

Facing the exact same issue. It’s only affecting the score on mobile, though.

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