Overflow in Source theme when using code blocks with long lines

Issue Summary
I have a post that contains a code block with lines longer than some screen widths. This causes the entire page to have a horizontal scrollbar.

  • The code block only would have a scroll bar, instead of breaking the view of the whole page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a post on a blog which uses the Source theme. Add a ``` code block that contains a line that is quite long (doesn’t have to be rediculous).
  2. Reduce the window width until the line would be off the right of the screen
  3. See that the whole page now has a horizontal scrollbar, instead of just the code block as would be expected.

Alternatively check my blog post here Setting up Nextcloud and Pi-hole on the same device

Setup information

Ghost Version

Source v1.1.2

Browser & OS version
Tested on desktop Firefox, Android Chrome, Android Firefox and iOS Safari

Hey :wave:

This was fixed recently in v1.2.0 of Source theme.