Page title in browser that shows {site title} page 1

Hi all,

I’m using Ghost version 4.12.2 and the Liebling theme

I have configured the following in my routes.yaml file to create separate pages for posts with different tags:

    permalink: /articles/{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: primary_tag:articles

    permalink: /youtube/{slug}/
    template: index1
    filter: primary_tag:youtube

    controller: channel
    filter: tag:[articles]

This works as expected. The only problem is that the page title for these filtered pages in the browser now shows: “{site title} page 1” instead of just “{page title}” (see picture).
So: I want the tab title to be {page title}, like “Articles” or “YouTube”, but it shows “site title} page 1” right now.

Does anybody know how to resolve this?

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Did you solve this problem? I’m also having the same situation.

Thank You,

I have the same problem. I see this was reported some time ago, I am not sure if this was ever resolved?