Set Page Title in routes

I am using ghost to make a blog site. is a page from the same blog. The problem here is the title of the page (Coderr (Page-1)). I want it to be more meaningful like the primary tag or something.

in my routes.yaml, I have

        controller: channel
        filter: primary_tag:python-for-developers
        order: published_at asc

Any ideas on how to do the same?

Hi @Vishal_Kumar_Mishra! The title you are seeing on this page is coming from {{meta_title}} helper which uses this code to form a title. Unfortunately, we don’t allow setting custom titles from routes.yaml, but that would be a cool feature to have.

You can submit details of what the feature would look like in our ideas section and we could discuss and possibly implement it if it gains enough requests from the community :)

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