Page with people (or contributors)

Dear All,

I am relatively new to Ghost.

I am setting up a site with a single staff member, but would like to display a page with a list of people that are in my group (each with a picture and a few words next to them).

I am on Ghost starter plan, hence I can not run my own custom theme. Is it possible to create a page which automatically lists a group of, say, contributors to the site? Can I do this without creating a custom theme? Can I decide in which order they are displayed?

Thank you.

I’d create this as a page. You might need to do some layout in an html card, but this should be doable! :)

Another option would be to use a product card or an image and caption, and rearrange the layout using css code injection to get the side by side look you want.

Thanks, could you elaborate on this? I am no an experienced designer

Very basic example in an html card (put in the body of the post in an HTML card):

<div class="side-by-side">
<img class="img-side-by-side" src="https://yoururltotheimage">
<div class="text-side-by-side">
Put your text here, using <p> if you have paragraph breaks.

In code injection or in the HTML card:

.side-by-side {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: row;
.image-side-by-side {
  max-width: 50%;

That’s very basic, and styling could definitely be improved, but it gives a layout like this, which I think is what you described?:

Thank you so much, this is awesome!

Hi @Cathy_Sarisky your idea is what I needed. There should be a closing </style> in the second code snippet, just in case someone else tries to copy/paste your code. Thanks again!

absolutely right. I’ll fix the post! :)