Customizing Layouts Question

Hello I am seeking basically to be able to have certain widgets appear side by side on my web pages.

On this particular page, I would like to have my list of links arranged beside the product widget side by side, to make the page look more compact and user friendly…

(scroll to middle of page to see what i mean )

I would love to be able to do this on my other product pages as well, instead of one long page each product in one column, to have two…

Is there a way to easier change this formatting? I am on the basic tier paid ghost subscription and I also use my own hosting domain name. My site is mainly paid subscribers and I also have a few products that I offer and services.

I am just not sure where to look first or what language as far as coding and such would give me the solution I seek any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Here’s a walk through on various ways to do this:

See the three-column example with product cards. It shouldn’t be too hard to convert that for two columns. I’d surround your links inside another <div> and </div> (inside HTML cards) to keep them all in the second column together.

And yes, it works with code injection only. :slight_smile:

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