Making page for research team: team overview

I would like to create a page for my website that shows my research team. I would like to have small photos with text side by side. The default setting is that the images increase to full size, which is rather intimidating if those pictures are portraits. I would like to retain the pictures small (~300x300 pixels) and put a small bio next to it. Any tips?

You could potentially use the Product cards for this, though they still wouldn’t be side by side I think it would look pretty nice (and be much simpler than the layout you proposed).

If you’d like to proceed with the idea you mentioned, then you’d need to hire a developer to help build something into your theme.

Bear in mind that creating content with columns is non-trivial. Placing two items next to each other is much more complex than it would seem. For example, you have to take into account what happens on mobile devices, and what happens if an item can’t wrap.