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Ok, this is for you veterans.

In your opinion and based on experience, what would be the preferred method of creating a navigation hierarchy on Ghost to use as a portfolio site?

I’m using v. 3.7.0 and the macOS app 1.7.0.

When I go to Settings->Design, I have the Navigation areas and Secondary Navigation. Right now, I’ve created Navigation items for each category of my portfolio (i.e., writing, design, development, etc.). I’ve also created Tabs (is this redundant?). I’ve read through the literature, but I’m a little unsure how Pages and Posts work when this is not really going to be used as a blog, even though it will have some written pieces posted. Once I get all of my portfolio categories filled out, they won’t be update that often.

What I need to know is what is the best practice to use while I’m setting this up so I don’t have to re-do it in the future because I’ve traveled down a wrong path before asking for help?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations/help!

Not to discourage you from using Ghost (I couldn’t recommend it any more), but I’ve seen John (Ghost’s founder) recommend Semplice in the past, a platform specifically for creating portfolios. Although if you like Ghost then by all means.

^ Oh. Apparently Semplice is based on WordPress :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! Semplice looks nice, but, I must admit, I’m just not a fan of WP. :laughing:

My portfolio is going to be a little different than a lock-stock visual creative’s portfolio - there will be writing, industrial design, philosophy, database development parts.

Maybe Ghost isn’t the best platform for this, but I really want to contribute to what they are about and help keep it monetized. I found out about it through Indie Hackers, so there is some principles and loyalty there. :upside_down_face: