Pages Visible to ONLY certain tiers?

I want to release a whole type of content and make it ONLY available do certain tiers of membership. I would want a landing page of sorts for this kind of content that was ONLY visible to certain tiers. Is this possible? Can navigation be setup this way?


Hey, yes. It is within the settings / tag of the page, please see attached. As for the landing page, are you talking about the welcome email after someone joins? I believe those can be done through newsletter settings.

thanks for this reply. Your suggestion SORT OF works but doesn’t quite accomplish what I want to accomplish.

I know that I can make pages only visible to certain tiers (so I guess I worded my post incorrectly). I want to make that header navigation option ONLY available to those tiers. So if you’re a Super Secret Special Member you see the SUPER SECRET option on the header menu, but if you’re not, you don’t.

Here’s what someone NOT in the club sees:

Here’s what someone IN the club sees:

Is this possible?

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You’ll need to add that logic to navigation.hbs. (If you don’t have a navigation.hbs in partials, you’ll need to grab a copy of the default one. See here for link and more details: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: navigation )

So basically, I’d check to see if the user is a member on that specific tier in the #foreach loop, and decide whether to display that navigation item or not accordingly.


love the idea of a super sceret menu. Hope Cathy’s suggestion works! It is out of my league, unfortunately. Best of luck!