Help me undestand how to create a "private/hidden" membership option

Hey guys. I’m starting a coaching business, which should have different plans, say:

Basic: $X/mo
Pro: $XX/mo
Premium: Inquire.

and so on, and even tho the content they will get from my Ghost (emails, articles, what now) would be the same for every member, the level of personalized coaching service won’t.

I’m concerned about the “Premium” option because ideally, I wouldn’t like to show how much more would it be, as I would probably calibrate it over time and depending on my availability, but even then I would still want to use Ghost’s recurring billing/system/invoicing and all.

Is there a way to create a “private/hidden” membership page that I can only send to the few people who qualify as Premium leads?


Under SettingsMembershipCustomize Portal, you’ll find options to toggle on and off which tiers are shown in Portal. That way, you’d still be able to have your premium tier but not have it shown publicly.