Paid publications - How do you design your custom homepage?

I know the technicals of adding a custom homepage. I was just wondering how are you all designing the html and css of the landing page? (See The Browser )

Do you manually code it yourself or you export landing page code from webflow, unicorn platform,carrd, elementor etc?

Web designers - What is the quickest way to create a decent looking landing page/homepage on Ghost?

You can design in Webflow, export the code, then use the adapter product by to export that into your theme.

I myself use Slides by, which creates a very slick interface. Then I use, which allows having your blog on subfolder (without worrying about putting code in template and programming routes.yaml)

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Thankyou for designmodo suggestion. I’m trying Unicorn platform landing page builder and then trying to export it.

Any issues you faced while exporting the code from designmodo and importing it in Ghost?

So far, I have not had to export it into Ghost, since I am using a hybrid setup with with a traditional host, and run via Ghost managed hosting.

Since an HBS file can accommodate HTML, and the template folder can have CSS and JS…I’m no coder, but I think it should work…maybe with some adaptation.

Don’t know Unicorn, but I know when exporting from Carrd, you have to find a backend for the forms (I use Formspree).