Newbie: Adding custom landing pages to Ghost theme files

Hey, Ghost folks! Long-time forum reader here, first-time poster. Love the community and can’t wait to keep learning from the pros here.

I have a potentially irritating newbie question I haven’t seen asked elsewhere (though please correct me if I’m missing something): I’m wondering if it’s possible to export code for a landing page made with Webflow (or a similar code-generating visual editor) and add that as a custom page to a theme using the code exported from Webflow? I’ve read documentation about adding custom-coded pages to the theme files, so this seems possible in theory, but I’m curious how seamlessly the generated code could be tweaked/added to the theme files to make it work?

Context: I’m looking into using Ghost for a membership site. I intend to use a marketplace theme, but would like a few landing pages that have a custom style. While I use a lot of “no code” tools, I’m relatively comfortable messing around with code and the more technical side of websites. That said, I’m very new to the way Ghost works, so I want to make sure this idea of adding custom code-generated landing pages to a theme is possible.

Relatedly, I’m exploring building and hosting landing pages with Webflow, then hosting Ghost (Pro) on a subdomain. This might be the most straightforward, though I would much prefer to have everything connected to the same backend (rather than using two services to manage one site). I’m aware of the Udesly integration, though I don’t want to build my own theme — only a few landing pages that could live within or alongside a Ghost site running a marketplace theme.

Alternatively, I’m also open to other ways of accomplishing the same thing (custom landing pages), so if you’re familiar with other visual page editors or code generators that might do the trick, please do enlighten me. (E.g., I’ve read about Setka Editor, though it’s fully out of my price range.)

Thanks so much!

I was still wondering about this question.

I’ve read all the theme files about adding custom pages, post templates, etc., such as: Tutorial: Creating a custom home page with Ghost

The question I’m curious: Can I use any HTML/CSS in a custom page and add that to the theme? Specifically, Webflow generates clean front-end code and I’d hope to take that and use in a custom landing page. (While I’m not a full-on coder, I’m aware this will take some messing with code and dynamic routing, which I’m comfortable with.)

Appreciate any tips — or if anyone else has found a better workaround (e.g., with HTML embeds in the editor? I tried this, but it looked ugly).


Hello @dashad
I made my company’s website las week, running with ghost but with a custom bootstrap template I designed. So yeah, it’s possible what you want (if I understood correctly).

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