Partio Theme Font and Formatting

Greetings all,

Tried to make answers from other topics work for me, but was unable.

I have installed the Partio theme and have a few queries:

  1. How do I centre (as opposed to left justify) and change the font of the title to “Merriweather Bold”?
    Am I able to increase the font size, and if so, how?

  2. How do I change the font within the main body to “Merriweather Light”?

  3. I am using this HTML:

“< div style=“text-align:center;”>Apple vs Google”

what do I need to add to it to make the “Apple vs Google” Heading 1 vs normal text and in Merriweather bold font?

If the Merriweather font is not possible, please apply Times New Roman as the replacement.

  1. Lastly, am I able to have text highlighted in colour?

Let’s make the example highlighting this sentence in purple.

How do I find the colours available to highlight in?

Excuse the spelling. I’m from uʍop ɹǝpun.

Thank you :pray:t3:

Hey @A.Measured.Approach :wave:
It might be worth getting in touch with the theme developer if you haven’t already. They will be much more familiar with the code of the theme and possibly have existing solutions for your requests :blush:

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