Pause subscriptions for a month?

Hi all - this question has likely been asked, but I’m fresh and new here. Does Ghost provide a way to pause subscriptions for a page for a month or so at a time, while still retaining the subscriber list and restarting after a brief hiatus?

Hi Karl, it is unfortunately not possible.

disclaimer : I don’t work on Ghost and neither has contributed to the core code yet but am the lead dev on a subscription-based ecommerce.

Just so that you understand, it would introduce a lot more complexity in the data model of users and subscriptions.

Also, stripe has no concept of “paused” subscription so pausing would mean for stripe deleting the subscription, and resuming would mean asking again your users for their credit card, and in europe asking them again for their 3DSecure code if you don’t want to get bank payment rejections.

I believe the UX advantage of pausing vs. just deleting is that it has much less friction when people decide to resume. But this advantage is very limited because of the aforementioned limitations