One-time payment for access to site content

Hello! I’m writing a guide; the guide will include ten posts. I’ve been looking at Ghost, and I like the platform. However, it terms of membership, I’d like people to pay once and have access to all the content on the site. From what I can tell, Ghost only offers recurring payments.

Is this true, and is there any way to allow people to pay once to get access to all the content on the Website?

Thank you.

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I’d suggest looking into adjusting the pricing inside Stripe.

There you will find two options when adding a pricing tier:

That may solve your problem

Please feedback if that works.

PS: On the UI your users will still sadly see price/month and price/year though. Even though they will be only charged once. So, that may create some confusion should you not be able to state clearly the payment will happen only once. See note left on this membership page Rediverge

It’s possible to do a custom display of membership information (basically replacing the portal popups) in a theme, so on the Ghost side, it’s likely not necessary to display ‘wrong’ information about pricing.

Interesting question!..

I just tried it. You /can/ switch a subscription to a one time payment in Stripe. Ghost continues to display it as an option for sign-up (once you enable it), and it shows current users who made the payment that they have that type of access, and it shows up in the admin portal.

Then I tried to ‘subscribe’ to the new one-time ‘subscription’, and got this:

That looks like a deal breaker for coming up with a theme-only solution.

So I’ll propose an alternative option. Create a link for a one-time payment link using the Stripe account directly. (You can see an example ‘buy now’ button here, but it could be styled to look like another tier offering instead: Introducing Phantom Admin ). Then use something like Zapier to set the member up with a comped subscription in Ghost.

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Interesting, I’ve decided to try the suggestion | had in my comment above myself.

I do not get any errors.

Just like it happens when you click on the a membership option in rediverge Rediverge I get the stripe page showing a price / month but since I only have a one-time payment tier set up in Stripe, then that is the one that will be fulfilled.

This way I don’t need other integrations with Zapier, I’m using Ghost as is.

So, when did the error snippet you posted has shown up? Post entering credit card details and finalising purchase?

I got that error as soon as I clicked to subscribe and should have been redirected to Stripe. (After changing ‘recurring’ to ‘one-time’.) The dev site that I happened to have hooked up to a test Stripe instance is running on 5.15-ish Ghost, so it’s possible that things have changed! What version of Ghost are you running?

Just checked. I’m running 5.26.4

Yours is still quite fresh though. I didn’t compare the release notes to see if anything has empowered my solution and crippled yours.

I follow your suggestion on hacking the portal and any potential membership pages (like I do have and like Rediverge has) so yes, this might be an option for those that want to implement neatly with a clear message to the visitor.

I don’t think you need to hack the portal - just write a custom page to display tiers. :)

There were definitely some bugfixes to subscriptions recently. Might be that changed the behavior. I’ll have to test at some point.