Payment currency in EU

Well… I have been warned… Everything is working but now the lab page the membership section is totally broken. I click on the Expand and do nothing, after the 2 expand buttons the page is empty. So be aware guys that this is not black and white changes. :frowning:

Well, thanks for the information. Tomorrow I will try on a reply

Working! Ho yeah! Ok after a day of trying many things it’s now working, I have Ghost membership charging in Canadian currency! So Fabien (unsupported) tips is in fact working. The only way in my case I have been able to make it work is by first dump the DB to an SQL file, isolate the settings table creation and value part, modify the “usd” (x2) for “cad” drop the settings table from the db and run the SQL table creation and value for settings. Now working my users can subscribe in CAD. Please note that this is not changing USD from the admin page/panel but in the subscription page it’s the correct currency and also on Stripe it’s charged in CAD. Thanks for the tips Fabien.

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Why not we have dual currency? Like US$ for worldwide and one local currency. On frontent we might have a toggle button for users to change it of their choice.

In India we can’t charge other fellow Indians in foreign currencies. We must accept Indian rupees.

This thing will probably fix many things.

What’s new about this update? I am not asking for ETA, but only if it is under development. Otherwise I proceed with the solution proposed by @fabien

Thank you

I tried to change to inr and CAD both but the changes aren’t reflected.

Here is query I used to change the JSON:

`UPDATE settings s SET value = JSON_REPLACE(s.value, "$.paymentProcessors.config[0].plans[0].currency", "CAD") WHERE s.key = "members_subscription_settings"`

UPDATE settings s SET value = JSON_REPLACE(s.value, "$.paymentProcessors.config[0].plans[1].currency", "CAD") WHERE s.key = "members_subscription_settings"

Please help me fix this, this has been a pain since last few days. Otherwise, I will have to go back to Wordpress. Also let me know, if INR is supported or not.

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@Sanjay_Kumar are you restarting Ghost each time you make manual changes to the settings table? Settings are cached to avoid unnecessary db queries, making changes via the API resets that cache but manual db changes will not.

I wasn’t aware that happens in other countries although it makes sense.

@fabien @Kevin If I make this change, will I have update problems when you release the official version?


It’s definitely a possibility, though at this point I’d say it’s unlikely

Why do you consider this unlikely?

However, maybe I will replicate my server and do an update test before updating the production server.

Hi there! I’m currently hosting an instance through GhostPro and unless I’m missing something it doesn’t look like I have direct DB access on this instance.

I see some work towards official support of other currencies (specifically AUD, EUR, GBP) here:

At the risk of scope creep, is there any reason CAD couldn’t be added at the same time?

Definitely no DB access for Ghost (Pro). :blush:

The support for some custom currencies has landed in master today. Can expect for the feature to be fully available with next release, most likely next week :wink:

@gorner CAD was considered and added in final implementation.


i LOVE it, thank you

Wow, this is music to my ears!

Really, I am an unconditional fan of yours. I think the future of web development, without a doubt, is called: Ghost. :heart_eyes:

Thank you all for your effort, for making such an incredible product.

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Thank you for the long awaited update. I needed it.

There is something to solve.

I set the currency and the price:

In the frontend i don’t see it, i’m using Lyra:

Looking at the account.hbs file, the currency variable has yet to be updated, but I wonder why i can’t see the price anymore. Maybe the variable has changed?

 <span class="subscriber-detail-content">${{price plan.amount}}/{{plan.interval}}</span>

@giacomosilli have you updated your Lyra based theme? Lyra is under continual development, you’ll need to keep it up to date as per any other theme outside of stock/unchanged Casper which is included with Ghost.

Hi @Kevin, I check the changes that are made every day, I got the code snippet from the master branch, and it is not updated, i’m wrong?

@giacomosilli sorry, I was mistaken, the code is there but it’s currently in a PR that I thought was already merged