No Japanese Yen payment currency for membership payments

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I’m not using Ghost yet, I’m a potential customer. I was excited by the membership feature. I registered for the 2 week trial. Then, discovered there was no option for paying for the membership plan in Japanese yen. Am I missing something. Is this because I’m not a paying member yet? Confused. I have never seen a site that didn’t cover Japanese Yen as one of the basic international currencies.

Hi @kylemanning :wave:
Members is a beta feature, as stated on the site and within the admin, which means the feature is still in development and is subject to change. You can find a full list of our currencies in our Members documentation:

Thanks so much for the response. I’m super looking forward to the full blown membership aspect of Ghost! Too bad we can’t just use our own Stripe accounts so we could use our local currencies. I use stripe currently in Japan with yen.

At this point, the membership part of the system is the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger and going full-on with it.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should use as a substitute for the Ghost Members section only - at least until it has fully matured to accept all of Stripes currencies?

You can definitely use your own Stripe account, the currency in Ghost refers to the currency that’s charged to members. Stripe can perform currency conversions, I’m yet to test this myself but Stripe have more information here on how they handle currency conversions:

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I really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to try and help me. It’s just that I live in Japan. All my customers are in Japan (at least for this project). It would be really difficult for a Japanese company to charge Japanese customers in U.S. Dollars. The dollar / yen index would have to be monitored frequently and updated on the site backend to reflect the current approximation of the yen. Then the tax bureau here frowns upon it also because really tight records have to be kept for cost of when transaction went thru, vs when the payment cleared the bank to reconcile differences in dollar / yen rate. It’s a hassle. If I were somehow able to go into the code and just flip the switch to allow yen as a payment method in the ghost backend code, that would solve the problem. But, I’m not that familiar with Ghost code.

We recommend not modifying the core of Ghost as it comes with a series of ramifications, such as opting out of updates and experiencing unique bugs that can’t be assisted by the community.

I’d highly recommend investigating other methods of implementing the features you want with external tools and integrations. That way you get the best of both worlds :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, any chances that we’ll get a Brazilian currency (Reais) option any time soon?

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This single lack of feature is really holding me back. People in Japan are less inclined to trust a website without JPY payment option.

I would like to code it myself, and if I do so I’d rather contribute to the community and do it for everybody.

Can someone walk me through how the Stripe payments are integrated in the source code to help me start?
I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you

I’m in the same boat and need JPY for my Japanese clients.
Has anyone figured it out?

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Any updates on this? Many companies in Japan have adopted Stripe and it’ll be great if Ghost simply support Japanese Yen.