Payment currency in EU

I read somewhere that officially, at the moment, only the dollar is supported.

Is there any workaround to also use the euro? until it is officially supported by Ghost.

A very not officially supported work-around is to change the value of members_subscriptions_settings in the settings table of the database!

If you’re going to do this, be careful, take backups and don’t expect too much support until we have official first class support!

Good luck, have fun :relaxed:


Ok thanks for the information, I’ll try on a replica :slight_smile:

Are you planning to add other currencies?

Yes definitely :relaxed:

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We really need this :slight_smile: I will try the workaround I need to support CAD currency.
There is a webhook/api in Ghost that could be used to grab payment using PayPal? Catch the result using Zapier and push the newly subscription email back to Ghost using Zapier again maybe? I’m doing a lots of funky integration using Zapier it’s pretty powerful.