Payment currency in EU

Why do you consider this unlikely?

However, maybe I will replicate my server and do an update test before updating the production server.

Hi there! I’m currently hosting an instance through GhostPro and unless I’m missing something it doesn’t look like I have direct DB access on this instance.

I see some work towards official support of other currencies (specifically AUD, EUR, GBP) here:

At the risk of scope creep, is there any reason CAD couldn’t be added at the same time?

Definitely no DB access for Ghost (Pro). :blush:

The support for some custom currencies has landed in master today. Can expect for the feature to be fully available with next release, most likely next week :wink:

@gorner CAD was considered and added in final implementation.


i LOVE it, thank you

Wow, this is music to my ears!

Really, I am an unconditional fan of yours. I think the future of web development, without a doubt, is called: Ghost. :heart_eyes:

Thank you all for your effort, for making such an incredible product.

Thank you for the long awaited update. I needed it.

There is something to solve.

I set the currency and the price:

In the frontend i don’t see it, i’m using Lyra:

Looking at the account.hbs file, the currency variable has yet to be updated, but I wonder why i can’t see the price anymore. Maybe the variable has changed?

 <span class="subscriber-detail-content">${{price plan.amount}}/{{plan.interval}}</span>

@giacomosilli have you updated your Lyra based theme? Lyra is under continual development, you’ll need to keep it up to date as per any other theme outside of stock/unchanged Casper which is included with Ghost.

Hi @Kevin, I check the changes that are made every day, I got the code snippet from the master branch, and it is not updated, i’m wrong?

@giacomosilli sorry, I was mistaken, the code is there but it’s currently in a PR that I thought was already merged

Okay thanks! :slight_smile:

Well that update totally broke membership! Clicking subscribe in membership section no longer redirects to stripe.

Currency symbol does not display, even though added to template

Can no longer give free membership to members in admin either.

@uksitebuilder are you on Ghost 3.10.0?

Yes, just updated


Complimentary Premium Plan

for member now returns error on save

Internal server error, cannot edit member. Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined

I know you haven’t merged yet, I’m just testing, I’ve updated to this:

But doesn’t work, you don’t see the price or the symbol.

Maybe someone can confirm

We have reproduced the bug described by @uksitebuilder and will be pushing a fix soon. For now, please avoid using currency switch in 3.10.0, fix should be available starting 3.10.1 and up.


Just want to drop a message in here to remind people that Members is still in beta, and by using these new additions as they are released you’re effectively running an edge version of Ghost.

We do love the feedback you’re providing though, it really helps us tighten the bolts on Ghost :heart:


The fix for the currency issue has been released with 3.11.0. @uksitebuilder let us know if it solves the problem you were having. Thanks again for catching the issue so fast!


The problem I reported has not yet been resolved