Restricting tags an author can apply to a post

I’m trying to create a small blog community using ghost (a bit like a mini Medium) and would like to provider finer grain permissions for viewing and publishing content. Ghost seems like a fantastic blogging platform but I’m trying to understand if it could be used to provide multiple communities where can be private.

Tags seem like the right way to organise content and create virtual communities e.g. Tech, Culture etc.

Is there a way to apply permissions or manage tags so I can restrict which tags an author can apply to their post? Ideally I would filter tags based on an external service for an author to restrict publishing. Equally on viewing the blog the same tags could be used to filter access to content.

I feel like forking the code is a bad idea and it’s unclear to me if this could be accomplished with Ghost apps.

Alternatively is ghost the wrong product for this type of problem?

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