Photo posts show pic without feature photo

I wanted to have occasional posts that may be one photo. Creating a post is easy, give title then insert image. I was hoping there was a way to show the image on the main page without making it the feature image. This creates a huge image then the optimized one under the title. But if I don’t do this then the image doesn’t show as part of the post… you can see what it I mean with this.

If this is impossible I guess I can just make a page with a bunch of galleries on it. Thanks

Most themes (including the one you’re using) show feature images on the main index page - so this would be the best way to do that.

Feature images are optimized when you upload them too. If the feature image is large on the post URL, then that will be a design feature of your theme. You could try some other themes that display feature images in a smaller format.

But if your use case is to have image only posts, I think galleries would look much nicer :)

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Thanks, I ended up making a page with galleries.