Post Image Issue

What’s the best way to let ghost just use the first image in the article as the post picture?

Hey there @mrabea :wave:. You can set the post feature image in the post settings, just click the cog in the top right corner of the post edit viewghost-feature-image

That’s not what i meant though. I just want it to take whatever picture in the first post and use it as a thumbnail automatically. If i add a post image manually ghost does that weird thing and uses the same picture i selected for thumbnail and put it first thing in the article. Now since i already have that in the article now there is 2 of them.

I could just delete the one in the article but it’s the only way i can add alt tags.

Sounds like you need to customise the theme you’re using to not use the feature image at the top of the post. Are you using Casper? If so then take a look at this link:

This shows where the feature image is added in the theme code. If you download your theme, remove the same lines of code, and upload it as a new theme then the feature image will no longer appear a the top of the page :rainbow: