Pico Theme Minor Mobile Error


The Pico theme has a slight layout error (see error) with the h1 when on a mobile device. The alignment probably looks best in line with the sub-heading, but in any case both should probably be in alignment? How would I fix that?

I’m unable to recreate this bug. Could you provide more information on the browser, OS and device?


Thanks for getting back to me. That screenshot is from Safari (macOS) in a resized window. The error also occurs in iOS but less severely.

It might be connected to my commenting out the two subscribe-CTA buttons (can’t ask for subs until I get my site ready). But I cannot be sure.

— Geoff

Thanks for the info. I’d be inclined to say it is related as it appears both the title and the description should be centered and they’re not. If this still persists after putting the buttons back in then let us know