Pls share: Daily news sites using Ghost

This may not go anywhere but I’ve been trying to figure out which other local news sites are on Ghost.

It would be nice to build a community around that — at least know who we all are and perhaps learn from each other.

Some that I’ve found are:

Relevant background:

Also, Ghost, might you consider adding “News” to your Explore dropdown to make it easier for us to find each other?


News sites I know:

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Yep - agreed, we will!


Not sure we qualify, strictly – we are a statewide site, but only cover politics and related topics. So, include if you think appropriate:


That’s great news! Thank you.

Looks great! I have a Domain for the state of Texas. The site/newsletter will be "feel good news and stories. I want to divide/segment the newsletter by city so that when people signup, they get a newsletter relevant to them. Do you know how to do that? or could you point me in the right direction? Thank You

Use the newsletter set up to create city-specific newsletters. Members can choose any of them that they want to receive. Then, include only the content for that city, and email the newsletter to only those subscribers.


Thank you for your feedback. I am new to ghost, so can you be more specific on how to do this? I was looking a; they are not on Ghost. They use subdomains for each site. That would be a new installation of ghost for each city. So I’m trying to figure out exactly how to categorize this within ghost Again thank you for commenting; maybe you have some examples of how this is done

Go into your Settings, then to Email Newsletter. Create a newsletter for each special topic or type of newsletter you want to publish to. (In your case, a newsletter per city.) Fill in the settings for each newsletter.

Once you have done that and saved it, go to your membership portal. There will be a link to Manage Emails. Within that area, there will be a toggle switch for each newsletter. Subscribers turn on the ones they want.

Then, when you publish a post or a newsletter, in the resulting dialog, choose Publish and Email, or just Email, and the newsletter that applies to that post or newsletter. It will then be emailed to only the people who signed up for that particular email.

If you walk through these instructions and are still stuck, message me and we can set up a Zoom call to walk through it on your site.


Hi @Berkeley_Scanner there is and
Both on ghost.

Thank You, Bruce! I was able to do this per your instructions! :grinning:

News sites run by some of my clients:

I help run in Leicester

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Your site really looks impressive

Thank you! Lots of work to get it to here … and still making changes and updates.

I run a personal blog about building an online business: (stands for “let’s see what works”)

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I currently run 2 gaming new sites using Ghost

and also know of another similar site using Ghost called

Oh goodness! A neighbor! Hello neighbor! (I’m in Salem.)

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