Portal.JS :: Help Understanding Language

Trouble with understanding the topic concerned below. Someone could help translate what John is saying?

"Portal.js is a single script for managing member signup and accounts - there is no requirement to use it. If you want to build your own signup UI, with your own branding, you can.

This is exactly the same as how Stripe (and most other services) work. If you want an out-of-the box “just works” solution - you have Stripe Checkout, which contains a small “Powered by Stripe” logo and has limited customisation. If that’s not enough for you, and you want to build your own UI, you can use Stripe Elements - giving you lots of shortcuts to create a custom flow, while being able to completely whitelabel it. If that’s still insufficient, you have the Stripe API and you can write something totally custom.

Ghost works the same way. We ship with Portal - which is a fixed UI. You can also build your own UI directly into the theme, completely whitelabeled. You can also use the Ghost API directly and build your own custom experience.

These are the options that are available — and at present there is no plan to change them.

Here are the docs for building members flows in themes:"

What specifically are you looking for? The first sentence is a pretty good tl;dr

Portal.js is a single script for managing member signup and accounts - there is no requirement to use it. If you want to build your own signup UI, with your own branding, you can.

The comparison between Stripe’s limited customization and Ghost’s service through Portal is confusing - why wouldn’t Ghost be looking for professionals to whitelabel services more easily given its products determination toward fierce independence and specified field of marketing? It feels like the customization options are what is Ghost is promoting and yet doesn’t build options into its flow. That’s why I am experiencing confusion. (I am also specifying independent publications as being resource-strapped and from a development perspective time-intensive.) Clarify if possible upon inquiry.x

@vikaspotluri123 Is that insufficient for a Moderator to respond to. Quality assurance problems are mounting in Ghost’s sector. Feeling like QA is not within team’s field of interest. Would anyone like to respond to this? S.S.+

From a tile perspective, my moderator duties are to help moderate conversations on the forum. I felt like your question didn’t provide enough context and asked you to clarify.

This thread has nothing to do with QA, so I’m not entirely sure why you’re bringing it up…

I think Ghost was looking recently for a QA person and they’re shifting their culture from “move fast and break things” to more QA…I follow closely and I’m confident things will keep improving, they have strong growth (for example, from Substack people moving over), therefore can throw more resources

As for the branding thing (Portal.js), I think that’s a dead horse…John is simply saying that just like Stripe puts its badge, so does Ghost…and if you’re not happy, you can modify that within Ghost core files…white-labelling is possible, it’s just a matter of coding knowledge.

Even if I’m no fan of the badge, I can appreciate that it serves the growth of Ghost, which will ultimately benefit all users. These are the tradeoffs our Dear Leader has decided upon and I support him.