Portal preview and plans no longer appearing

Portal preview card and plans are no longer appearing when I try to edit them. Just a blank card on the Membership screen, and entire blank on the Portal page, with no previews. Any idea why that might be? Using the Casper theme on the latest Ghost build.

I see in other comments that people have had this issue when not using a secure connection, but I am over https:// on my admin screen, so that isn’t the cause.

If you navigate to the front page of the site (not /ghost/), do you see the plans normally? Trying to sort out if it’s just the preview, or everything…

If things are weird on the front of the site, too, consider disconnecting and reconnecting Stripe and/or checking that your Stripe account all looks good with no errors.

Do you have some sort of proxy (i.e. cloudflare) in front of your site? Or if self hosting, any recent changes to nginx? A misconfigured proxy can definitely break previewing.

It’d be helpful to post some details about your hosting setup, if you need more help. :)

Turns out there was an error on a static front page, and somehow this was messing up the Portal. You sent me in the right direction.

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