Members portal isn't working anymore

After upgrading to 5x the /portal (member stuff) isn’t working.

Using Cloudflare cache but this wasn’t a problem before upgrading. I had to configured properly.

The portal signup and account pages are Blank in the admin

i have a slightly modified Digest theme 1.0. I didn’t change any of the portal/membership junk from base theme.

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it doesn’t work after disabling cache and switching to Casper

[Error] [Portal] Failed to initialize:
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘o.portal_plans.includes’)
C — helpers.js:254
(anonymous function) — api.js:479
u — runtime.js:63
(anonymous function) — runtime.js:294
d — asyncToGenerator.js:3
l — asyncToGenerator.js:29
(anonymous function) (portal.min.js:2:489704)
u (portal.min.js:2:167539)
(anonymous function) (portal.min.js:2:167324)
d (portal.min.js:2:185443)
l (portal.min.js:2:185683)

in the products Tables everything looks like it’s set. anyone know what o.portal_plans.includes is expecting?

It’s trying to load stuff from and getting 404 …


and removing admin/ returns JSON


this seems like something in Core needs to be fixed?

i changed admin url in config json from /admin to /ghost … restarted the Service … no luck

I really do not want to go digging through code to find where it’s getting the API urls. :wink:

Ok creating a Custom integration called Portal fixed the API issues.

Then looked at docs again and Admin URL needed to be base url without /ghost.

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