Post image is stretched too wide after going to publication page

Dear all,

I am look for your kind assistance.

Please advise, what code injection I should use in order to prevent post image (which is chosen in post settings) from not going way too wide on a post publication page.

As it looks good on main screen, but then it completely overstretches the page in take basically all attention.

The problem only concerns Desktop, as on mobile everything seems to be showing the way we wanted to.

Thank you and please have a great day!


What theme are you using?

It’s likely down to the theme’s styling and would require you to go and customise it slightly.

it is currently default casper

this shows the problem -

and then going down there is a wall of text that looks very narrow compared to the image

You can make it the width of the content of the post by removing the top line (grid-column: …) below.

.gh-canvas .article-image {
    grid-column: wide-start / wide-end;
    width: 100%;
    margin: 6vmin 0 0;

This code is in assets/css/screen.css at line 831.

Once you do that you can then compress the casper folder into a zip and upload it to your blog.

Thank you, Archie! I will try this ASAP.


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Archie, I have tried to make it like suggested and, unfortunately, there was no effect. May I ask, if there is a way to change it within each single publication via injecting code to make the same effect and by not going through the Theme assets?

If you have uploaded a version of the theme without that line it should work.

Have you refreshed your browsers cache?

Thank you, I will try to do this. Thanks for all assistance!