Post Search on Posts Page in Ghost Admin

It would be very beneficial being able to find a post by searching for it.

That or being able to add a “edit post” to the fronend when logged in as admin.

There’s a search in the top left of the admin and you can add /edit to any post/page url from the front-end and be redirected to that post in the editor. The front-end is completely separate from the admin and can’t know if a staff user is logged in or not.

So how does the login work if I log in with my admin account? Am I not logged in as admin then? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

If I understand your question:

If your public-facing url is, then you can add /edit to the end of the URL ( Navigating to this URL will redirect to your back-end and open the post in the editor (

If you’re not logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so. Otherwise, you’ll be taken directly to the editor!

Yep, that part I got. I was more hoping that the system would recognise if I logged in with my admin account, allowing me to add buttons to the post using the template, only visible for the admin account.

The Ghost Admin and Frontend are intentionally separated from the server rendering side so that’s not possible