Pre-loaded subscription form

Good morning

Ghost Version 3.0.3
I use Lyra, little customized.

I currently have Members disabled.

On the homepage of my site, when I have no cache, or if I repeatedly press SHIFT-F5, the subscription form appears for a moment, as you can see from the image below.

Is it possible to avoid the preloading of the subscribe-overlay if I have disabled members?

Also appear different writings in the header, immediately after the overlay of the form, then disappear and the site loads correctly.

What could it be due to?

It is possible to check if members are enabled using {{if}} helper as below. If we wrap the subscription overlay code it will only rendered if the members enabled.

{{#if @labs.members}}
here should be subscription overlay code.

BTW, you have mentioned that you are using Lyra theme but by default ( Lyra has no subscribe overlay. It loads the subscription form in a different route

You’re right, I could use this system that I also use in other parts of the site, now I try

Lyra has the subscribe overlay, if you open the default.hbs file on github you’ll see it:

49 <div id="subscribe" class="subscribe-overlay">
76 </div>

Actually it’s strange that there is, I don’t think it’s used anywhere, maybe I could delete it

Yes, the code is there and it is same as the Casper theme.
You are right. This part of the code actually not being used in the theme. You can remove it.
Also the login and subscriber button is still visible when members disabled. Logically it should be hidden.
Currently I don’t have much time. May be someone could create a pull request on GitHub fixing these.