Installing Lyra Theme - Not Showing Subscription Options

I’m having difficulty getting the Lyra theme to work so that it shows the membership templates. Currently, I get the standard subscription page and not the tiered options that Membership features provide. I’m sort of stumped on what else I should be doing to get this working…

I have done the following…

  1. Download the theme as a .zip file and head to the design settings menu in your site’s admin to upload it as your active theme.
  2. Within the download is a routes.yaml file. Upload this single file using Routes on the Labs page.
  3. Restart ghost ghost restart
  4. Updated the Membership settings so that it looks like the following…

After you uploaded your new routes.yaml file for the Lyra theme, you can download the active routes.yaml again. Try downloading it and opening it to check if it uploaded correctly by comparing it to the routes.yaml in the Lyra theme.

Hi @theodorechu - thanks for your reply.

Yes I did check this and it has been uploaded correctly. Do you have any other ideas?

@nearkingdom have you gone through the signup process? Lyra only shows plan selection once you’re a member.

Found that quite strange, what if you wanted to get someone to sign up as a member (i.e. paying subscriber) before them becoming a subscriber?

If you want someone to pay before becoming a subscriber/member, then you can disable free membership.