Presales / Feature questions

Hi Everyone, I am a webmaster creating content/blogs. For my next project I am considering to ditch wordpress in favor of Ghost and hope to never look back.

Here are some of my questions before i take this “big step”:

  1. I would start with managed but as my site grows may consider to move to my own server. As I understand you can either do manged or host GHOST yourself, correct? The reason is because If all goes well I will eventually be at 3-5M pageviews/month so I am not sure if managed would be the best option at that amount of pageviews (too expensive?)
  2. Ghost includes AMP pages by default for all pricing plans, is this something I need to turn on or is it automatic?
  3. Newsletter management - i see newsletter signups on most of the example pages and themes. Is the newsletter backend managed by another service like mailchimp or does ghost have it’s own?


Is it possible to change small design elements of a theme within ghost? ie. menu bar colors, floating/fixed menu, logo etc.

Hey @mlolm :wave:

Here’s my answers to your queries:

  • Ghost can be installed on your own server or you can use Ghost(Pro), plus you can switch to either at any time. It’s best to check out the Ghost(Pro) pricing page to see what you get with each plan
  • AMP comes out of the box and works automatically with articles. You can also customise the template to your needs within the Ghost theme, or turn it off entirely. More info in our integration guide here
  • Members is a new beta feature within Ghost, allowing you to publish content to your subscribed members via email. Additionally your members can sign up to monthly or yearly premium plans to get your premium content. Find out more here.
    For self hosted versions of Ghost you’ll need to install Ghost yourself and integrate it with Mailgun in order to send bulk emails to your members. However with Ghost(Pro) this is all managed for you, allowing you to focus on creating your site and content
  • Ghost sites are completely customisable from the ground up, by either using a custom theme or by modifying existing themes to your needs. Check out our Handlebars theme documentation for more info, and our Marketplace for inspiration of the types of designs that are possible on Ghost

Hope this helps!

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I have been working on the structure of my site and am not sure if I can do this out of box with Ghost or if I will need to modify the architecture to support it.

I want to have potentially 3 levels of categorization of my content as follows:

  1. Cars
    • Car engines
      - V4
      - V8
    • Car wheels
    • Etc.
  2. Trucks
  3. Boats

Above is just an example to explain the structure i would like to have in Ghost.

How I would have done this in Wordpress: Category (car/truck/boat), Subcategories and tags.

However as I see in Ghost you ONLY have tags. How can I create such a nested structure? I would like to use the first level for my main menu navigation, second level for flyout/dropdown of each category, and 3rd level likely tags for example.

Maybe I missed something in the interface and there is a way to achieve such nested structures?


That’s definitely possible but with only the need for tags. Tags come with primary tag, which denotes the first tag applied. You should be able to produce at least a two level structure with these. The primary tag could be the vehicle type, and the subsequent tags would be the nested groupings.

I definitely think it’s worth playing around with tags in a local installation of Ghost so you can get a bit more familiar :blush:

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The forums we are chatting on now, is that included with ghost by default? Or is it an addon? Thanks.

Our forum runs on Discourse, a very popular and well established community platform. Also possible to integrate with Ghost:

Hi David, great answers! Just want to clarify something, if I self host Ghost, do I have all the Ghost Pro functionalities or only the basic ones?

Thanks in advance!

Ghost (Pro) is literally the same code as Ghost Self Hosted. The only difference for you is you have to maintain the servers and configuration if you self host :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick and prompt response! So, if I were to create an external application and use Ghost mainly as a backend, I could create users via API and manage all their settings that way? If so, how could I generate all the individual API Keys necessary for each user in order to integrate them with my external app? I mean, do I need kind of a master API Key that would allow me to create he individual API Key for each user?

Don’t quote me on this, but I think invites are limited to session auth for the admin API.

For managing user settings, session auth would also be perfect for this