prevent screenshots

Hi there. I want to start using ghost but I also want to be able to prevent people from taking screenshots of the paid newsletter. Please is this possible on ghost. If not, is there a type of workaround.

Hi! Welcome to Ghost.

The paid newsletter that you send to their email address? There, I think screenshots aren’t your problem. Forwarding is. And yes, forwarding means that some people who aren’t paying will read your newsletter. But if people are forwarding your newsletter to friends, it means they’re recommending it to their friends. And that’s a good thing! (I’ve seen lots of newsletters that include a “Did you get this email forwarded from a friend? Here’s a link to sign up so that you get it every week!” You could also email only part of the post, and include a link to read the rest on your website.

But if you’re asking about preventing screenshots of the website, since many screenshot tools take a literal picture of whatever’s on the screen, and can be triggered when the browser window isn’t even in focus, there’s not really a way to prevent screenshots.