Public Preview In Emails

Is there a way to separate an email by public/premium preview? So that a free member only get’s an email that is cut in half?

Not at the moment but we’re working on this.

As a short term solution: One way you can do something similar right now is to cut the part of the post you don’t want in the email, publish+send the post, then paste the rest of the content back into the editor, and save to update it. This way, paid members will be able to click to view the rest of the post on your site, and free members will need to switch to a paid plan to access the rest of the post.

Great! Is there an ETA for this feature?

This will be amazing feature @Kym . Thank you.

@alexgoldman68 in the meantime - you can publish + send only to free members first (with content cut) and then unpublish this, then resend it to paid members with full content as well :slight_smile:


Will this be in the big release?

I am really interested in this… i need this. It’s in 5.0 update?

@Kym I’d love this feature too :crossed_fingers:t2: