Primary navigation link button not working correctly

Hi. I started off using Basho on ghost but have reverted back to Casper.

I had to set up tags for Casper, as per the ‘site navigation’ video. Did that including photo. I still have all my posts on the home page with their link buttons. However, when I click on (for example) the ‘gifts’ button in the primary navigation I just have my title and photo that I posted when I set up that ‘gifts’ page.

If I click on the link on a home page article it takes me to that article. Then if I click on the ‘gifts’ link button at the top of the article (immediately above the picture, not in the primary navigation) it takes me to the ‘gifts’ page with my photo and title and all the other items that are tagged with ‘gift’. So now I have got what I want to get if I had clicked on ‘Gifts’ in the primary header. Why do I not get this when I click on the ‘gifts’ button in the primary header?

Sounds like maybe you’re confusing the tags page (located at /tags/gifts unless you’ve done any routing changes) with a page you created that happened to be named gifts.

But this would be a lot clearer with a link to the site, or at least some screenshots of these various links and where they go…

Here’s a link

Perfect. So you have the wrong link on your navigation. You need this:

Not this:

In fact, you don’t need to make a ‘gifts’ page at all - that image is coming from the tag image anyway. (Some themes may do some monkey business with pages and tags, but that’s not typical.)

Well, as I am a complete numbnuts when it comes to web pages, then telling me I’ve done something wrong without pointing to something that tells me how to do it right is just going to confound me. I really don’t know what you are trying to say with the two images

Are you saying that following this video was wrong?

And why do you say I dont really need a gifts page? If I want all ‘gifts’ together then surely that would be on a ‘gifts’ page?

I apologize. I can see now that my first response could be frustrating, because the forum ‘helpfully’ turned my links into previews. Let me try that again, hopefully in a way that’s more what I intended the first time.

The right link to get a collection of all the posts that have the ‘gift’ tag is this one:

The link that’s currently on your site is this one:

You can change the link that’s on your site’s menu bar by going to /ghost > navigation. Don’t forget to save after you make changes.

I was saying that you don’t need to create a page at /gifts/ at all, because Ghost automatically creates a url for /tag/gifts that will collect all your gifts posts for you.

Hope that makes more sense. If not, please post another question and someone wiser than me will hopefully help out! ;-)

Thank for getting back to me. Only just had a chance to look/action. This has sorted out the problem I was having. Thank you so much.


Oh good! Glad that got you fixed up! :) If your problem is solved, please mark it the solution to make it easier to find, and easier to that this thread doesn’t need further volunteer attention. :slight_smile:

Well, there is another flaw in my ability. How do I mark it as solution?