How to view tagged posts appear on different menu in primary navigation?

Hi Ghosts!

Currently I am using Solo Theme (starter plan). I have created 6 posts to be featured on two new separate primary navigation menu and tagged them to two different names.

I wanted to follow the provided sample as shown below, but somehow it did not show up. I wanted to have a blog listing based on content category and appear on the navigation bar. Is this the best way or there’s a better way?

Thanks guys for your feedback~

macOS Catalina

Can you say more about what you’re trying to do? I see two posts that look like they probably have the ‘getting started’ tag, and they’re at the /tag/getting-started URL, which would seem to make sense.

Is the problem that the link isn’t showing up in the menu? You can add links (it’s not automatic) at /ghost > settings (gear icon) > navigation. (Be sure to hit save afterwards.)

If that’s not it, a bit more about what you expected and what happened would help us help you!