Printing a draft post

This feels almost too obvious for my first question on the forum, but how do I print a draft post in Chrome? It seems like both the Editor and Preview views break that functionality.

I mean, they also steal the control-P shortcut — but even printing from right click or the menu bar, I’m just getting a screenshot with scrollbars, buttons, etc. What am I missing?

Have you tried opening the draft directly in your browser and printing from there?

If even that’s not adequate you could then create a print.css file for your site (which I’ve done for mine), but which can be a fair amount of work. Here’s a couple of explanatory pages:

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Thanks! That first button is all I was looking for. But yes, it still doesn’t look great, even though I’m using one of the standard themes, and I will probably wind up tweaking the print styles too. Frustrating that this seems to be an afterthought in modern web design, but I know it’s not a Ghost-specific problem.