Private, Password Protected Ghost Blogging

You can now run a private (password protected) blog with Ghost.

Private blogs are great for when you just want your friends and family to have access to your posts, you want to run an internal company blog to share information between team members, or you're just in the pre-launch phase.

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I hope this could be a feature!

The function described above does not work anymore.

This feature is working for me, did you save your settings? Do you have a cache in front of Ghost which hasn’t been cleared?

o, I am sorry. I mean it does not work for a certain blog. I know it works for the entire site. Is there a way to protect a certain blog?

Do you mean just one post? If so, the members feature might be able to handle that usecase Setting up memberships & subscriptions

You could disable self signup and import a list of email address of people you’d like to give access to.

:warning: This feature is NOT actually meant for private blogs.

It leaks your feature photos and Ghost @staff have stated that it is actually intended as a “coming soon” feature to protect your blog from viewers until it’s ready to be public. It should NOT be trusted to protect your content (at very least the feature photos of your posts).

More information here: Protect Images and Pictures - #8 by finnhuman.

tl;dr In other words, it is only intended for a “prelaunch phase”, NOT to protect a private friends and family blog or a sensitive internal company blog.

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