Password protected post and page


Ghost is a platform that I’ve loved for years, many things have evolved over time, taking into account the opinions, ideas of users, customers.

Unfortunately, at the moment I still can’t use ONLY Ghost and I have to use Hexo for some items.

What is the reason for this?
For privacy.

Indeed the content of some posts should be accessible only for few people and therefore protected by password.

Currently, yes Ghost offers that posts are public or reserved to members but if we want some posts to be accessible only to some members and other people not registered then we can not share information simply.

In the past, several times the subject has been addressed, as in this last post:

Nevertheless there is still no real solution.

Why do you need to password protect some posts?

Well, if you want to keep the information from being public for a certain period of time, but you want to share it with a group of people, some of whom may be public contributors, other may be members, then being able to protect posts with a different password for each post is the easiest solution.

Because you only need to communicate this password to the people who want to and can access it, and not to others. And also the day we want it to become public then we just have to remove the password and we can choose to reserve to members or total public.

Solutions like Wordpress (Using Password Protection – Forums), Hexo (GitHub - D0n9X1n/hexo-blog-encrypt: Yet, just another hexo plugin for security.) etc offer this easily (Hexo is also in node js too), it would be adequate to have a similar “per post, per page” protection function in Ghost.