Private site password not working in backend, cannot view site

Hello all,

I have an issue similar to this previous thread: Private Site password page looping - how to fix?

I installed the latest version of Ghost on a DO droplet today, ssh root login and all, ran mysql_secure_installation like suggested in the terminal, finished setting up the site in, set it to private, and successfully logged in to the site on the Ghost native mac app. The problem is, when I’m logged in to make edits to the site on either browser/native app, I can’t see the actual site from the backend unless I turn private off. This was not the case with a previous ghost test install I did a few months ago and deleted… I don’t think I did anything differently this time. Because I’m not very technically inclined, I’ve always followed the step by step on DO or Ghost documentation. Any ideas for the fix? I use the password that I’ve set in general settings, and nothing happens.

Hey @Harlee, I think you’ll have better luck using a web browser like Chrome. The Ghost Desktop application is primarily an open source project maintained by the open source community, which means it’s compatibility with Ghost isn’t fully up to date.