Problem in reading time for Sinhala Language

My blog is Android වැඩකාරයෝ. It contains Sinhala contents. But there is a problem in the content editor and the reading time

In content editor
The word counter is counting only English words

The reading time
The reading time is calculated according to the English terms included in the content.

You can check this by visiting to my site. (for your reference) Forget about the word count in the content editor, but the reading time is misleading the readers who are coming to read the articles.

Is there any solution to this?

There was a problem in @gmfmi serachinghost wasn’t identified Sinhala language and he fixed it ASAP. I think it’s better to fix this also because now lots of Sri Lankans are going to migrate from Wordpress to the ghost.

I observed the similar issue in another Sinhala blog running on Ghost. It is TechNews.LK by @truekasun

Please assist in advance in this matter and thank you @gmfmi for fixing the Sinhala issue.

Anybody there?

You can checkout ghost docs on this

This is not about translating. This is about counting words in the content.

Looks like it could be related to this issue, worth keeping an eye on it:

In the interim you could use JavaScript to count and calculate the reading time :blush:. For example this library calculates reading time and provides a series of option to modify it to your needs:

@truekasun Shall we look into this solution?

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Yes, it’s possible but I wonder if this supports Unicode characters. Anyhow, we can give it a shot. Otherwise, we can get it done manually using javascript with our own threshold,

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Did you do it?

Nope not yet. I wasn’t much interested in the reading time but yeah it’s nice to have an accurate (configurable - depending on the language) reading time. Will let you know once I try this.

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Some of my friends ask about that. And they have told me that the same issue is on TechNews also.