Problem with number of subscribers

Hi there,

I have a problem with my blog Web3 + AI, Ghost Admin. I have 67 subscribers, but my newsletter is sent out to only 63 of them, although it is supposed to be sent to all members.
This has been happening for a while, I am gaining new subscribers, but it seems like they don’t receive the newsletter. Plus, I don’t have any data about the open rate of people who have subscribed as long ago as May 14, and I am sending at least one newsletter a week.

Please someone help me. I am on the Creator plan, and running Version: 5.84.0+moya

For any issues relating to Ghost (pro), please reach out to :slight_smile:

Is that 67 count the total number of members, or number of subscribed members? Members can create accounts and not subscribe (or unsubscribe) from newsletters, in which case they won’t be counted in the number of recipients when sending.

As @vikaspotluri123 says, if you’re on Ghost(Pro) you can email and they can look into it in more detail for you.