Anyone else having problems with newsletter analytics?

On my site, the newsletter open rates (and, I assume, the click rates as well) are very unreliable. Some of them show zero opens, which I know is bogus. This morning, one showed a 0% open rate with a 5% click rate.

I have spoken with my hosting company, and they say it is a Ghost problem, and not something they can help with.


Sometimes the analytics connection can stall out. The fix is to restart Ghost. Doing it sooner than later is recommended to preserve as much email analytics as possible.

Well, since I don’t have access to the server, I can’t do that myself. The hosting company doesn’t mind restarting my Ghost instance, but they (and I) get tired of doing it on a regular basis. Any thoughts on ways to keep this from happening?

It’s not something that should happen on a regular basis. It could be an issue with the server setup/config, but it’s difficult to say without more information.

On Ghost’s side, we’re actively investigating the cause and will include a fix in an upcoming release.

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