Progressive Web App version of ghost blog (install service worker)


I believe ghost does not have this feature yet, so i post this as an idea
since my previous topic seem like it is impossible and almost looks like re-engineering ghost (from my point of view),

this make me think why can’t ghost have a service worker as default feature?
…AMP is best use with PWA…
so mobile visitor will start fast and stay fast on the ghost blog…
in case the visitor from the AMP version of blog post they read, they decide to read another blog post which will bring them to the non-AMP version of the blog, this service worker can improve user experience…
in the AMP version of the blog, it should have amp-install-serviceworker

i know that ghost is open source which i can contribute, but to be honest, i just don’t want to break things since i don’t really skillful in JS… :sweat_smile:

image below is for reference

i hope this will be default feature in the next ghost update :muscle:


I’m having a difficult time understanding both your previous inked post and this one.

As a site admin with self-hosted ghost, what specifically would a service worker do for me? What functionality or behavior are you trying to make happen? It’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to do or what you think should be happening, or how a service worker would help.


just want to improve performance
some reader might have unstable connection

we don’t want to spoil their mood right? having to wait just to read an article
(well this had being solved with the AMP conversion)

and wait again to read previous blog post or the latest one
(here i believe, when click to read on other blog post, user will go to non-AMP version of the website, which require some loading, we want them to read more right?)

people with reliable internet connection will say everything is fine


This is definitely something that’s possible, but it can also be done on a theme basis for now (it’s a workaround)

There was some discussion about this here - the first comment regarding it is Is ghost are good for SEO?


will it break when updating ghost app?
that’s a concern…

but it’s nicer if casper theme(default theme) already have service worker…

by the way, since i saw there is a planned idea on paid subscription,
this service worker would help…

just like this forum (that base on discourse), it has service worker, and very smooth on mobile


Having a theme service worker shouldn’t break any updates from ghost, if that’s what you’re asking


oh i see,theme won’t effect…noted
i thought it was like wordpress where update also can break the website…

by the way, is there any way to update ghost instead of using command line?
what i mean is a more user friendly…command line is more on developer i guess


In wordpress, themes have the same level of access as the WP-core. This means the theme is free to do whatever it wants. Conversely, in Ghost, themes only have access to basic logic execution, and minor retrieval requests. This means the theme is extremely limited in what it can do and how it can mess with your Ghost installation.

Not at the moment. As ghost is still quite young, there’s a lot of work being done to make Ghost more functional. There is some sparse work being done to make it possible, but it hasn’t gone way to far