Feature Request - place members only content anywhere in post

Before I get to the request I have to say just how impressive Ghost is. I’m just getting into it now, but already people in my life are sick of how much I talk about how great it is. Part of me wishes it was a public company so I could buy stock and the other part is very happy that it isn’t!

The Public Preview card in the post editor is great. It’s exactly what was needed following Portal. I would love it even more if there was a way to put members only content at the beginning of a post or in the middle and not just at the bottom. This could facilitate providing members with exclusive relevant content throughout a post.

Maybe the Public Preview card could have a toggle to flip the arrows so we could use them kind of like opening and closing brackets.

free article content here

---------- free public preview :arrow_up: / :arrow_down: only visible to members ----------
Premium content that adds value to the article like a chart or link to a file
---------- free public preview :arrow_down: / :arrow_up: only visible to members ----------

back to free article content.

Does that make sense? Is there already a way to accomplish this? Would anybody else be interested in this feature or similar?


Agree. It’s kind of a poor design / poor UI to not provide locked sections without the post rather that having to protect the entire post.

With the new Public Preview card in the editor you can choose exactly where in the post you would like the paywall to go so you don’t have to protect the entire post anymore.

My point is simply that it could prove useful to put the premium content at the top of the post or even sandwiched in the middle of a post rather than only at the bottom. It’s definitely a less common use case than what the Public Preview card currently supports, but it would be nice to have nonetheless. :grinning:

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Okay? Not sure I am using it right or that it even works. I turned off free member sign up and added the Public Preview and nothing happened. I can still read the entire post without being logged in.

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Like thebear.dev
Seems not working can these be due to my custom Futura Theme ?

Nope. Not from what I understand. I’m using a custom version of Ease (basically revamped the whole thing) and it’s the same for me.

I totally agree, Andy. This would be very cool for our podcast. I know it’s not the most common, but makes sense for podcasts where the episode audio is at the top since it’s primary. Our use case is this:

We release paid “Expansion” episodes on Ghost for our paid members. Naturally, the audio player sits on the top of the post. It would be great to have a preview card, or be able to flip the ‘preview bar’ to hide the content above the bar to block the audio player at the top, but allow all out show notes for the episode to be crawlable by search engines and get some extra SEO juice for all that content. :slight_smile: