Public previews via html admin-api publish

Dear Community & Ghost-Team,

I needed staged content releases to make content reviews possible. So i used the admin-api to achieve that.

So the last problem I’m facing is public-previews. It seems like it isn’t possible to define them within html and upload it with the admin-api.

I fetched some html posts for which I configured the public-preview in ghost-admin.

The HTML looks similar to this:

<h1>Test Post 1</h1>

<p>This is a public paragraph</p>
<p>This should be a members only paragraph, but it isn't :-)</p>

I would expect if i will just use this HTML and reupload it, that the public-preview / members-only section will be configured correctly.

Does anyone know, what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

Best regards

Ok i think i fixed it in: kg-parser-plugins.

Opened a pull-request: