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Publish beautiful articles that capture subscribers

Too many websites fail to present their content in a readable and well-designed way.

In failing to do so, you are loosing valuable potential subscribers and thus money.

What are you missing? Ghost + 4 AM Thoughts is a combination that will be your articles’ wingman :raised_hands:

Writers who choose the right theme and a solid publishing platform achieve higher earnings with the same amount of traffic.

If you want more potential subscribers to sign up and earn more money, improve your website with 4 AM Thoughts.

In addition to providing normal support, I’ll also help you handcraft and edit the title and little paragraph for the two call to actions (since they are the most important part to convert readers into subscribers and subscribers into paid members).

I am also open to any feedback you’ve got, either constructive criticism or your thoughts :slight_smile:

Grab it here for USD 47:

PS: I’ll bump prices later next week as soon as I finished the landing page and do some marketing for my themes. So in the interest of transparency I wanted to let you know in advance, so it’s not weird when the 47 is not up-to-date anymore :blush: