Publish old sent emails as public post


I would like to publish old sent email as public post.

Is it possible?


There isn’t a way of publishing the email as a post. By which I mean using the page format of the email.

You can collect emails sent on what boils down to a tag page. Again, this does not publish in the format used in emails, but it does collect all the posts referenced in an email into a special tag page. From there, each post can be opened by those with access to that tag page. Look up ‘hidden tags’ + ‘email’ here in the forum where there have been recent additions to this topic.

If your email announced just one post and that post was hidden from the public (perhaps as a membership benefit), then you can change the post’s status to public by editing its properties. Of course, it appears in your chosen post format, not in the email format chosen in Portal settings.

Not quite the answer you want, but maybe it’ll get you close to what you hoped for.

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You can right click on it (on the posts page) and choose “duplicate”, then publish the duplicate. (You could also delete the original after you make the duplicate.) Then you can click into the duplicate version, adjust the title if desired, and click “Publish”.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to do this with the API, but there’s not an admin-panel way to do this directly, so duplication is your best option.

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