Push Markdown to Github, then have Ghost update post automatically?


Is there a way I can host Markdown in Github, and every time I commit, Ghost picks this up and then updates the relevant blog post? I don’t necessarily want to use Gatsby or some other JAMStack tool, I want to stick to the same Casper theme and workflow. As well, I like the ability of Ghost to schedule posts for the future, which Gatsby and others don’t necessarily have, being pure HTML with no backend.


There’s nothing built in to Ghost to do this specific thing but you could make use of the tools that Ghost and Github/other services give you.

For example, you could use Github Actions to write a workflow that uses the Ghost Admin API to create or update a post when you push a commit.


Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t know about that. I’ll check out Github
Actions and the Ghost API.


Gatsby sites using Ghost don’t lose this functionality. The idea with using a static site builder like Gatsby is that it’s hooked up in a way that the site is re-built any time your Ghost content changes using Ghost’s “Site updated (rebuild)” webhook, which works for scheduled posts too.

A typical setup is use Netlify to host your static site, they have a webhooks implementation that can be use to trigger a rebuild and automatically update your static site.

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